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  • InaRush is an on-demand, same day delivery service platform. We are not a delivery company; we are a platform that connects parcels with a large network of qualified drivers. We cater for businesses as well as personal use.

  • Same day delivery is what we specialise in. We have three (3) types of services:

    InaRush: Super-urgent? We will deliver your parcel directly within 90 minutes any time, day or night! seven (7) days a week.

    Today: Our most economical service. Book by 12pm & get your parcel delivered by 5pm the same day.

    Tonight: Our after-hours service: Book by 1pm and get your parcel delivered between 6 – 9pm.

  • Once the driver is en route to you, we will send you an email and a text message. Both notifications will include a link giving you complete visibility of the driver's position and time of arrival.

    Long gone are the days where you have to enter a 16-digit tracking number!

    Complete transparency is what InaRush is all about.

  • Anyone who has a computer or a smart phone can use InaRush. We cater to both Business and Personal use.

  • Speed: Our extended network of qualified drivers enables us to respond in minutes, we have the largest dedicated driver network in the country, so naturally we can collect and deliver faster than anyone else.

    Reliability: Day or night, even on public holidays, you can count on us, our drivers are trained professionals that are always available within minutes.

    Live Tracking: Once your parcel is collected and is en-route, its progress can be tracked in real time until drop-off. How cool is that? See how it works

    Transparency: Choose the delivery service you require and get an instant quotation before you book. No surprises, no hassles.

  • We prefer that you book online via our online booking platform. It’s really easy. Book now.

  • That depends on the distance and the service you choose, but you will be surprised how affordable we can be.
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  • Initially we will only be covering the entire greater Auckland area. We have plans to launch nationwide in the very near future. If you have any special delivery requirements / questions you can email us at and we will respond straight away.

  • Yes indeed! Our InaRush service is available 24/7 and even on public holidays!

  • Our drivers are not allowed to take any of the following:

    Passengers, animals or any living organisms. Any other dangerous goods, flammables or otherwise prohibited items. Stolen goods, illegal drugs, firearms, bullion, cash, coins, negotiable instruments, precious stones, jewellery, antiques, paintings and any other valuables.

  • Delivery times vary depending on the type of service you book – ranging from 10 minutes to 5 hours

    Please note, delivery times may vary depending on several factors such as traffic, weather, or other conditions. Keep an eye on our live tracking feature and you will be most impressed.

  • Yes. All our couriers are trained professionals and care about every delivery.
 While it is your responsibility to obtain suitable insurance for your parcel(s), all our drivers also have carriage insurance. Prior to using any of our services it is your responsibility to read and agree to our Terms & Conditions.

  • If a cancellation is made before the driver is en-route to collect, then there is no charge. If no one is available when the driver arrives to collect or deliver a parcel, the driver will notify you and if possible, will wait up to a maximum of 10 minutes. If the collection / delivery is not completed as a result, the full fare will be charged and the parcel will be kept safe, until a new delivery is arranged. For further details, see our Terms & Conditions.

  • Absolutely, once you book a service, and the driver is on route to you you’ll be able to see their cell phone number. You will find however that there will be no need for this, as our live-tracking will answer most of your questions about delivery times.

  • Email us at and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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